Black Hills Photo Bus

Koda the Black Hills Photo-booth. A vintage VW bus turned photo-booth.

What is a photobus and how does it work?

Koda is the most unique photo-booth experience in the Black Hills!
She works just the same as a regular photo-booth, except a fair bit more fun!

Take a seat in the back of the van and let the automated touch screen take you through from start to finish.

Each time Koda prints two photo-strips with either 3 or 4 photos and a we can customize the footer, the perfect way to personalize your event! We use a DSL camera for quality prints and can share your event photos on social media platforms.

Do you have props?

YES, so many props! They are ALWAYS included free in your package.
We also have other great options like a keepsake wedding guestbook, so that your guests can keep one copy of their photo-strip print and the other is stuck in the guestbook with notes from your friends and family!

Does she drive?

She sure does! We get around the Black Hills. Koda is fully portable and makes a statement at any event. She is perfect at an outdoor wedding, at the entry to your reception, or even inside the function center.

How much is it and what is included?

All our bundles include props, a friendly attendant, unlimited photos, free set up and tear down, and a customized footer.
We typically have 2 hour, 3 hour and 4 hour bundles; however we can personalize  packages if needed.

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