Our Story

Inspired & Passionate Travelers

Meet Kevin and Melina, owners of Black Hills Tour Company.

Kevin, raised in the Black Hills, spent his youth outdoors exploring all that the area has to offer. After living in Bellingham, WA for nearly 10 years he dreamt of returning home to the splendour of the Hills, offering unique and custom tours by the means of Fiona a stretch VW Limousine!

Kevin and Melina met in 2012 in Seattle, WA as he was restoring Fiona. Melina, an Australian and fellow lover of travel and adventure joined this vision and the two returned to the Hills to start DubBus Tour and Limousine Company in 2014.

Now Black Hills Tour Company they continue to showcase the beauty of the Black Hills offering a variety of tours for all ages and interests.

Our Values

Journeys worth taking

At Black Hills Tour Co. we are passionate about the Black Hills!

We aim to provide AUTHENTIC experiences with LOCAL guides.

QUALITY, SMALL GROUP TOURS. No sitting on big buses, REAL experiences with people who know and love the Hills.

We want our tours to be FUN with a keen sense of ADVENTURE!

Lastly, we believe in small business and supporting our Black Hills community.

Escape the ordinary, let’s make YOUR Black Hills experience!

Our Vehicles

Our vision of a tour company in the Black Hills started with Fiona, our 12 seater stretch VW limousine. From there we decided to bring in Koda our VW Photo-Bus and most recently our ever so sleek 13-14 seater Mercedes Sprinter Van!

Kevin found Fiona in 2010 as an unfinished project, just a skeleton. A couple had wanted to turn her into a mobile bakery in the 1990’s, and after the project went awry she sat in their backyard for many years! After 2-3 years of hard work, Kevin, Melina and friends turned Fiona into the loved freak-mobile she is today.

After learning a thing or two about VW’s buses, Koda was restored over 2016-2017 and Black Hills Photo Bus began in the summer of 2017.

The Mercedes Sprinter was added in 2017 as a more comfortable ride for longer journeys through the Hills and for our new bike tours!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions regarding our vehicles, their capacity, access etc.